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PEOPLE ARE LIVING LONGER THEN EVER BEFORE. In 1776 the average life expectancy for a U.S. citizen was 35 years. By 1900, life expectancy grew to 47.3 years. By 2002, it climbed to 77.4 years. Now in 2016, the life expectancy rate is 81 years for woman and 76.5 years for men. Because we are living longer then ever before, we are likely to require some form of long term care.  Medical advances have helped us reach our 70's, 80's and beyond, but medical care is expensive and long term care is very expensive. This makes planning for possible long term care very important.

 THE HIGH COST OF LONG-TERM CARE has made planning a critically important issue for seniors and their families. In fact, most seniors will likely require some form of long-term care. Sadly, many are unprepared for the significant financial burdens it places on their family’s hard earned savings. A family facing a monthly rate of $10,000 or more for the long-term care of a loved one can be financially devastated.

Long-Term Care Options

WHILE SOME SENIORS ARE ABLE TO AFFORD PRIVATE PAY CARE,the cost of long-term care will wipe out the savings of all but the wealthiest families in a matter of years. Those who have planned ahead by purchasing long-term care insurance have a degree of certainty and peace of mind, knowing that they have a lesser need to rely on other sources in the future. Unfortunately, many can’t afford the high cost of long-term care insurance or worse, because of age or medical condition, cannot qualify for long-term care insurance coverage.

IF YOU DO HAVE LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE, you should be aware of what your policy covers. Many policies have high deductibles or provide for only a short period of care in a facility. In fact, many who have long-term care insurance still have to resort to Medicaid to pay for their care.

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Incapacity can happen to anyone at any age. What happens if you become incapacitated due to stroke, accident or other circumstance?  Who would make financial and healthcare decisions? Who would be appointed to control the assets of an incapacitated person? If you don't have the proper documents in place, you may find yourself with a court appointed guardian rather then a family member making decisions on your behalf.

Medicaid Asset Protection Trust 

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Protecting Your Assets

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