Revocable Living Trusts

A living trust is a legal document that is used to control the distribution of assets passed to beneficiaries upon death. Like a will, a trust can be revoked or changed during your life. A trust consists of a grantor (creator of the trust), a trustee (manager of the trust property after grantors death), and a beneficiary (person who benefits from and receives trust property).  A grantor can put property into trust during his/her life. After the grantors death, a named trustee will be put in control to manage the distribution of the trust property to the beneficiaries.  The trust can specify whether property is to be given outright or given in installments to each beneficiary. A trust is also an excellent way to minimize the property that passes through probate. 

Revocable Living Trust Package       

1. Revocable Living Trust         

2. Living Trust Schedule of Assets and Beneficiaries       

3. Living Trust Assignment of Personal Property Form       

4. Quit Claim Deed   

5. Pour-Over Will   

6. Durable Financial Power of Attorney     

7. Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney    

8. Living Will (regarding life sustaining matters)

Other Trusts

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) Provisions

Special Needs Trust Provisions

Spendthrift Trust Provisions

Disclaimer Trust Provisions

Medicaid Asset Protection Trust Provisions

Inheritance, Blood Line, Dynasty Trust Provisions

​Pooled Income Trust

A/B Trust

​Not needed unless you have over 10 million in assets

Revocable Living Trusts

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