​​​What Will Be Your Legacy?

Create peace of mind with a plan that secures your legacy, preserves hard earned assets and passes them on to the ones you love.

In cases where all of the assets are being held in a trust, we can help the successor trustees in the administration and management.  

Trust: is defined by a set of instructions

Trustee: must make decisions regarding safeguarding property and investments, must account, must communicate to beneficiaries, file tax returns, 

Trust funding: assets not titled properly, assets will have to go through probate and then can be retitled and put into trust

Trustee Duties:

               Loyalty - no self dealing, borrowing or loaning trust money, selling trust assets to family member, duty to deal impartially with beneficiaries - to take posession and control, protect, invest, duty to keep property seperate - no commingling

If you have been named as a successor trustee the first thing you should do is:

Stages of Trust Administration

1. Collection: Must collect all of the deceased information, regarding trust, trust property, the grantor, beneficiaries, notify proper authorities of the death, trustee normally hires an attorney and other professionals to help administer trust. 

2. Planning stage: assist trustee with planning, lodging of the will with court, review the trust and map out a plan of action, Give notice to all beneficiaries, provide court with will,  notice to creditors, pay creditors, sell property, go over tax, legal realities, outline terms of the trust,

3. Distribution & Management Stage: Depending on the language of the trust trustee may distribute all assets outright or distribute property incrementally over time.


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